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About Us

How did Nu Floor start?

Nu Floor was created as the result of my need to replace my old, worn flooring without breaking the budget. In fact, with a new family and the economy in shambles, I didn't have much of a budget!

I wanted real wood, stylish looks and durable floor. I finally found it, and I knew I was onto something. The compliments I received about my new floor made me love my flooring choice even more. In fact, I decided to make a career of it and opened Nu Floor.

Nowadays, other companies are reducing their prices by reducing their quality. Our mission at Nu Floor is to provide quality flooring, beautiful finishes and great high quality installations for half the price. You can have the floors you've always dreamed of.

Our price guarantee  makes shopping for your dream floor fool proof. Very simply, if you find the same flooring for a lower price, we'll refund 110% of the difference!

The producers of DIY regularly turn to Nu Floor to accomplish the impossible - plan, measure, design and install a floor within only hours! With that track record, you can be certain that we can quickly deal with the unexpected and finish your project as scheduled and as promised! We complete installations much faster than typical contractors.


Our Services & Products

Don't juggle contractors or let redoing your floors be a challenge. We can do it all for you. Nu Floor is known for quality flooring and installation, guaranteed lowest prices  and friendly service.


  1. Sanding and Refinishing  services that restore your existing hardwood floors to their original beauty.
  2. We can repair  almost any issue or damage like it never happened.
  3. New Floor installations  that will last for the lifetime of your floor.


  1. Broad selection of domestic and exotic hardwoods
  2. Laminate Floors  from the most reputable companies in the industry

Ready to help

Top quality, guaranteed lowest prices  and friendly service make Nu Floor the right choice... the only choice. Call us at (732) 864-9200 today for a Free Quote .